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Deja Ross

True Artist

Deja has photographed and covered the 58th Anniversary of the Sit-In Movement Gala at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum on February 3, 2018. In addition to photographing events, she co-created a body of work that highlights the stories and contributions immigrants and refugees in the High Point community have made. "SEE ME: Looking with In(ten)tion" is her first body of work on a large scale, aiming to dissolve negative stereotypes targeted towards immigrants and refugees in America. Her work has been archived and exhibited in the High Point Museum.

 "The Color Perspective" is her second collection focused on sparking dialogue about race relations in America. Ross takes the topic of hair as a starting point of conversation to get the ball rolling. Ross' second major piece of work was displayed at the Deal Gallery, an extension of High Point University's Sechrest Gallery.

Deja Ross: Artist Roster
Deja Ross: Photo Gallery
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